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LINQ’s mission is to break down the information silos and empower Contractors to make confident decisions that will keep project costs and schedules on track.

Welcome to LINQ, the most useful tool in your toolbox.


Yes, we understand the industry

In every industry, it's a daunting task to stay up to date on all the documentation and changes. In the Construction industry, this problem is even more acute. This is because construction is one big project management task, with an increasing number of stakeholders changing and adding new information to the project constantly.


LINQ is the only tool that allows you to cut across the clutter, and find the right version of the correct document to build off.


Contractors are forced to make sense of the ever-growing volume of information out there, even though all craftworkers really need to complete the job are a few pages pulled from a few different documents.

The Craftworker doesn't need the whole roll of architectural plans, the 1,200-page spec book and 200-page submittal package, all they need are three pages relevant for them that day.

Right now, there’s a divide growing on most job sites. Technology for “the office” has exploded in recent years, while craftworkers in the field have fallen behind - not because they don’t want to adapt and advance, but because there’s a critical shortage of technology designed by craftworkers, for craftworkers.

This is the divide that LINQ is here to fill.

We believe the time for the “Digital Craftworker” is here, and our goal is to help facilitate the transformation.



We Can Help You

Craftworkers are busy people, and our solution is here to streamline their day. Whether they are 20 feet in the air installing hangers, knee deep in concrete, 200 design coordination meetings into the job, or in a “mobile office” driving between job sites, LINQ is there to help.


Our Solution

Powered by an intelligent back-end indexing algorithm, LINQ connects to the various data silos and automatically categorizes and interprets the dynamic interrelationships between construction documentation with industry specific comprehension.  At LINQ, we want users to not just have access to what they are looking for, but actually be able to find it. With our industry-leading learning search, project teams can quickly locate and collaborate on relevant information from mobile devices in the field, or from the computer in the office.


About us. Roots in the industry


LINQ is no ordinary construction technology company.  

We are a passionate team of Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Construction Professionals and Engineers that spun out of a technology incubator funded by the world’s largest tool company.

The LINQ team is honored to continue the tradition of building innovative construction tools by crafting best-in-class digital tools for the trades.


Meet our amazing team


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Our solution is heavily influenced by our core of Contractor partners who understand the value of working along with us as our software evolves.

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